The Abandoned Haiku

I wanted to take a minute to thank all my followers who continually praise the work I am doing and take time to like or post comments. The last couple of weeks have been busy and I haven’t had as much time to read the blogs I follow. Please know that I am thinking of each one of you and hoping to read your engaging, funny and inspiring posts very soon. I’ll have more time after next week…at least I think…

Ok, I am excited to share another podcast with you.

Last week I listened to the podcast, DIY MFA. It was episode number 15, Master Class with Jane Yolen. You can listen here. In the interview, Yolen quoted Paul Valery, french poet and philosopher, and he said, “A poem is never finished, only abandoned.”

At some point you have to move on, so I decided to go back to the vault and select a haiku I wrote in October 2014 and see if I can breathe new life into the abandoned haiku. The first haiku is the one from last October, and the second one is for today.

merry go round haikuToday’s Haiku:

Merry-go-round creeps.
I wait for the motion to stop—
New horizons.

scene never changes
monotony weighs heavy
on my heart


Do you ever feel like your poetry or prose is finished? Do you simply trust that you have done the very best that you can and move on?

Have a terrific Thursday!



7 thoughts on “The Abandoned Haiku

  1. In the moment, after editing and rereading and polishing, yes. However, I frequently go back to old poems or prose weeks, months, years later and am floored at how much my writing has changed and evolved and want to do a complete rewrite! It isn’t necessarily that the original piece was “bad.” I just want to take a different tone, a different approach, or use different language.

  2. histeve433 says:

    There are some for me that never feel finished, then I think someday maybe, or what was I thinking of, Lol.

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