Girl on the Go: Missouri State Penitentiary Ghost Tour

Today’s Girl on the Go goes out to my parents. They went to the old Missouri State Penitentiary (MSP) for the ghost tour. Apparently, there are strange occurrences and unusual activities happening in MSP. The prison closed in 2004 and now it invites people to investigate paranormal activities occuring inside. Yikes!

So, the next time I travel to Missouri, I’ll be checking out the old prison and then I’ll head on over to Prison Brews for a beer. Prison Brews is a couple of blocks from the old prison.

Creepy picture huh?

missouri state penitentiary haiku

Today’s Haiku:

darkness emerges
and smothers every breath
evil lurks within


Have you toured a prison? 

Have a great weekend!



12 thoughts on “Girl on the Go: Missouri State Penitentiary Ghost Tour

  1. We toured Alcatraz when were in SF. I got slightly obsessed and read more than one book about it afterward. 🙂 I live near New Haven, CT and went on a ghost tour last year. The cemetery used to be where the town green and churches are. Rather than move the bodies, way back when, they just moved the headstones to their new location. So, areas around the green and church are haunted. Love this kind of stuff!

    • Alcatraz made my Girl on the Go list a month or so ago. Can’t wait to visit. I have spoken to lots of people who have been on the tour and have enjoyed it! I love all things creepy too!

    • Love it! Thanks! I have only been able to watch about 20 minutes, but this so cool. It’s intriguing that there was actually one woman executed in the gas chamber. I want to google it and find out what she did! Thanks again for sharing! AWESOME!

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