Follow Your Heart

Good day to you!

Thanks Haiku Horizons for the haiku prompt, “follow.”


Today’s Haiku:

she follows her heart
confident it knows the way
outcome in her grasp


Have a great day!



Girl on the Go: Idaho!

Hey friends! How are ya today?

I am super excited to add Idaho to my Girl on the Go list. I don’t know when I am going to have time to go, but at least it’s on the list now.

Today I found this great bucket list for people who live in Idaho and thought I should keep it around for when I can start planning a trip west. There are 75 things listed ranging from panning for gold, hiking or biking, fishing and eating ice cream. There are several historic sites listed as well. If you are interested in Idaho, you may want to check out this list too. Here’s the link: Visit Idaho.

Idaho haiku

Today’s Haiku:

I await the trek
anticipation is high
hello Idaho


Has anyone been to Idaho? I would love to hear about  your adventure!

Are you looking for bucket list items? Check out some of mine here. Or, feel free to suggest a fun activity for my list! I love adventure!


Tuesday’s Writing Tips: Avoid Foreign Languages

Tuesday’s Writing Tips 

The Elements of Style

It’s time for another writing tip from the book The Elements of Style by William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White.

Avoid foreign languages.

The writer will occasionally find it convenient or necessary to borrow from other languages. Some writers, however, from sheer exuberance or a desire to show off, sprinkle their work liberally with foreign expressions, with no regard for the reader’s comfort. It’s a bad habit. Write in English.


Last weekend, hubby and I hiked in Whitewater State Park. In mid-summer there is a canopy of leaves covering the trail, but there are still dead leaves from last fall that coat the ground. There was a slight breeze blowing through the treetops which made the dead leaves look like they were dancing along the forest floor.


dancing leaves haiku


Today’s Haiku

dead, crunchy leaves—
shadows dancing like sunlight
piercing a prism


Have a fantastic day!


Girl on the Go: Eagle’s Landing

In an effort to visit 11 wineries on the Great River Road Wine Trail, we’ve started planning our next stop. At the beginning of July we traveled to Danzinger Winery and Seven Hawks Winery. Our next stop is going to be at a winery in Iowa called Eagle’s Landing.

Below is an image of the wine trail. My Girl on the Go adventure this week is to travel to Eagle’s Landing. We are hoping to make it there before the end of August.

Great River Road Wine Trail Map

Eagles Landing Winery

Today’s Haiku:

meandering road
tires thumping on cracked concrete—
road crew up ahead


Any roadtrips planned for the summer?

Are you looking for Bucket list items? Check out some of mine here. Or, feel free to suggest a fun activity for my list! I love adventure!


Stray Cat Part II

We did it! We caught the kitten last night moments before dark. She was crying and hiding from us and had made no attempt to eat the food we left out for her. It was clear to us that she needed to be rescued.

When we caught her, we tucked her inside a large container with plenty of breathing holes, lots of food and water. She stayed in our garage last night. She ate all the food, and we didn’t hear a peep out of her until this morning when she wanted more food.

I dropped her off at the Humane Society today. They named her Aubrey, and they put her in a cage in the quarantine room. There were several other caged felines, and I could tell little Aubrey was happy to be around friends. The people from the Humane Society assured me that she would be adopted quickly because she was so darn cute.

I am a happy cat momma once again. May Aubrey receive much love throughout her life.

heart haiku

Today’s Haiku:

her cat tail curls, and
there’s soft purr in her heart—
making new friends


If you ever have a chance to rescue a kitten, or another animal, it will make your heart full. I highly recommend it. Have a beautiful day!