My Heart is Calm

Happy Monday!

Hubby and I spent our sixth anniversary at two wineries on Saturday. Our goal is to visit 11 total before the end of the year. We started our tour at Danzinger Winery and Seven Hawks Winery with a couple of our friends.

Both wineries were in Wisconsin along the Mississippi River. Danzinger was by far our favorite. There was a lot of seating inside and out. We tasted four or five wines and then we purchased a bottle of wine to split. We also nibbled on some cheese, crackers and olives while we chatted about the nice weather and our up and coming move at the end of the month.

Seven Hawks Winery was very small. I actually enjoyed sipping the port style wines more than the wine at Seven Hawks. Below are a few images from our visit to Danzinger Winery.

Danzinger Winery July 4, 2015

DSCN6741 (800x547)

Danzinger Winery July 4, 2015


As always, I have included a haiku with a Haiku Horizons prompt.

Thanks Haiku Horizons for the haiku prompt, “calm.”

calm haiku

Today’s Haiku:

my heart is calm
my head is clear and awake
dreams are focused


What are your travel goals for the summer?


19 thoughts on “My Heart is Calm

  1. Cnawan Fahey says:

    Happy Anniversary! Such a lovely way to spend it. Next year you might consider the same experience at the wineries near Taylor’s Falls near the St. Croix River. I can recommend a fantastic restraurant (if it’s still open) a nice B & B where I once stayed with a girlfriend… 🙂

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