Stray Kitten

Happy Wednesday!

No we aren’t getting a new kitten, though I think about it often. I heard a desperate plea from a kitten outside my open window last night. Hubby and I went outside and tried to coax the little guy out from under our neighbor’s truck. We asked the neighbors if the cat was theirs, and they said no. It was some stray hanging around.

We thought we should try to catch him and take him to the humane society, but he was too quick. He ran and hid under some bushes and we were unable to catch him. We left food and water outside, but it looked untouched this morning.

It’s strange. I can sleep through thunderstorms and trains and lots noises through the night, but every time that kitten called out, I woke up.

We didn’t hear anything this morning, so I hope he found a safe place to rest through the night. In honor of the little fella that kept me up all night, this haiku is for you.


kitten haiku

Today’s Haiku:

I hear you crying
a lonely and sad meow
love waits for you


Have a great day!



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