Stray Cat Part II

We did it! We caught the kitten last night moments before dark. She was crying and hiding from us and had made no attempt to eat the food we left out for her. It was clear to us that she needed to be rescued.

When we caught her, we tucked her inside a large container with plenty of breathing holes, lots of food and water. She stayed in our garage last night. She ate all the food, and we didn’t hear a peep out of her until this morning when she wanted more food.

I dropped her off at the Humane Society today. They named her Aubrey, and they put her in a cage in the quarantine room. There were several other caged felines, and I could tell little Aubrey was happy to be around friends. The people from the Humane Society assured me that she would be adopted quickly because she was so darn cute.

I am a happy cat momma once again. May Aubrey receive much love throughout her life.

heart haiku

Today’s Haiku:

her cat tail curls, and
there’s soft purr in her heart—
making new friends


If you ever have a chance to rescue a kitten, or another animal, it will make your heart full. I highly recommend it. Have a beautiful day!



12 thoughts on “Stray Cat Part II

  1. My local rescue people tell me that kittens get adopted very fast. It’s the older ones they have trouble with. You’re little kitty will find a home very soon, I am sure of that.

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