Girl on the Go: Idaho!

Hey friends! How are ya today?

I am super excited to add Idaho to my Girl on the Go list. I don’t know when I am going to have time to go, but at least it’s on the list now.

Today I found this great bucket list for people who live in Idaho and thought I should keep it around for when I can start planning a trip west. There are 75 things listed ranging from panning for gold, hiking or biking, fishing and eating ice cream. There are several historic sites listed as well. If you are interested in Idaho, you may want to check out this list too. Here’s the link: Visit Idaho.

Idaho haiku

Today’s Haiku:

I await the trek
anticipation is high
hello Idaho


Has anyone been to Idaho? I would love to hear about  your adventure!

Are you looking for bucket list items? Check out some of mine here. Or, feel free to suggest a fun activity for my list! I love adventure!



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