Girl on the Go: Build my Dream Walk-In Closet

Hello Friends!

Today is the day! This is my 300th post! Thanks so much reading and following along! I appreciate you!


And now, for this week’s Girl on the Go, I have a DIY project! I want to build a walk-in closet. After weeks of posting dreamy travel locations that I want to visit, it’s time to post something I can accomplish sooner rather than later. The only place I am traveling to is the garage for construction and down the hall to the closet.

Some of you may be wondering why this is a bucket list item. Well, I love clothes and shoes and shopping. Always have. Hence the large walk-in closet to support my shopping habit.

Last week, hubby and I painted the walk-in closet, and this week we are working on the rolling storage racks. The final project is to add shelves to the small closet within the room for shoe storage, but we aren’t quite there yet.

Here’s a few shots of the clothing racks in progress:

corner joint for piping

Corner joint for 6′ long pipes.

joined pipes

wood with nice edging

Spruce that has a nice edge and rounded corners.

We are making two racks. They have two 6′ long pipes along the side and one 6′ pipe across the top. There will be a (spruce) wooden surface at the bottom situated on 4 casters for mobility.

I’ll post the finished project next week. Have a great weekend!

Today’s Haiku:

a clothes horse awaits
construction of wood and pipes
closet in making


Is anyone working on any DIY projects?

Are you looking for bucket list items? Check out some of mine here. Or, feel free to suggest a fun activity for my list! I love adventure!

Have a great weekend!



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