Setting Intentions in 5 Easy Steps

Setting Intentions instead of resolutions

Why an setting intention is better than a resolution.

Setting an intention helps you focus on what you want to manifest. It is a vision that guides your activities, thoughts, attitudes, and choices. Setting intentions keeps you focused on the present unlike resolutions which force you to investigate the future and create a deadline. suggests that a resolution is a MUST! It’s a strong, demanding word, a demand that we place upon ourselves, and there is no room for failure. 

Resolutions are created because you aren’t happy with the way you look, or have a dead end job or you want to make more money or change your marital status. We make blanket statements like I want to lose 15 lbs, get a better job, get married without any reason of why or how. Moreover, resolutions and goals make you feel defeated if you don’t achieve them, and if you aren’t specific, you won’t know how to achieve intended results. Many times a resolution makes you focus on what you don’t have instead of what you do have, so let’s look at how to create intentions to live in the present.

How to Set Intentions

  1. What matters most? To set a good intention decide what you are passionate about it. Connect with yourself by quieting your mind and taking a few deep breaths, then reflect on the past year and ask what’s important and what you would like to change. Then, put pen to paper and make a list.
  2. Be specific. Focus on what you want to achieve with each intention. The intention should be concise and to the point; it’s something you can visualize. Create a mantra or select a word that sums up your desires. One word or mantra makes it easy to remember throughout the day.
  3. Make it happen. What do you need to do to see your intentions come to fruition? Write down specific things you need to do to follow through. If you want to learn a new language, your intention may be, I intend to learn one new word a day instead of I want to learn a new language.
  4. Meditate on this mantra. The idea of meditation can be scary, so start slow and remember it’s a practice. There are some great guided meditation videos on YouTube. Allow your mantra to flow through your thoughts and then return to your breath. Go for a walk and repeat your mantra as you enjoy nature and your surroundings. I like to journal and write my mantra each day. If you are new to journaling, here’s a great article: Journal Writing Made Easy.
  5. Celebrate the small things by expressing gratitude. I cannot stress the importance of this one enough. I am notorious for setting goals and checking them off the list and feeling anxious about the next goal. Give yourself time to enjoy each accomplishment.


Struggling to uncover your passions? I had this problem a few years ago, so I turned to my friend who is a Passion Test facilitator. This test helped me create a list of my passions, and then narrow my focus to five things I wanted in my life.

Check out the following guided meditation videos on YouTube:

Happy Journaling


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