The Mist

Last weekend, my husband and I happened across a little bookstore in Red Wing, Minnesota. I purchased a Stephen King book called Skeleton Crew. The book is a collection of short stories and novellas from King’s earlier years.

The first novella that I read was called The Mist. Now, I have watched Stephen King movies, The Shining (among my favorites), Carrie, Misery, Firestarter and many more, but I had never taken the time to read King’s work. The words pulled me along line by line, my body tense as I turned each page.

For example, “An elevator shot my stomach down about twenty floors.” Pg. 78 I loved this metaphor. In the midst of this scene, I could feel what the character was feeling.

“The [flash] lights bobbed here and there in the aisles like uneasy phantoms.” Pg. 96

“It looked like one of the minor creatures in a Bosch painting.” Pg. 105 Since I studied art, I love referencing artist’s work. I have done this in my own work before.

Mist by Stephen King

The best part, the ending left me hanging. I know that annoys some people, but there are times when I DO NOT want the ending to be wrapped up in a cute little package with a polka-dotted bow on top. I love the thought of finishing the story in my mind. I am not a fan of happy endings either. I used to love watching Alfred Hitchcock movies when I was a kid. And Hitchcock was the master of leading you right up to the edge and then ending the movie or TV show with a question mark.

One of my all time favorite movies is No Country for Old Men. Talk about taking you to the precipice and then just walking away without being pushed over the edge…

Now, for the haiku challenge. What could be more appropriate than an image from the Black Hills that is taken right at the edge of the hillside?

South Dakota 2014

Day 19: Haiku Challenge

Forced to the edge of
life, challenged at every step—
Is it over yet?

House in Shambles

Day 20: Haiku Challenge

A house in shambles
on the edge of crumbling.
Its time is coming.

Mums from the Amish AuctionAnd finally, there is one day away from the fall equinox—I think that constitutes being on the edge.

Day 21: Haiku Challenge

Many, many colors—
rust, golden and purple blooms.
Chrysanthemums thrive.

Do you enjoy a movie or book that doesn’t have a happy ending?