Girl on the Go: Eagle’s Landing

In an effort to visit 11 wineries on the Great River Road Wine Trail, we’ve started planning our next stop. At the beginning of July we traveled to Danzinger Winery and Seven Hawks Winery. Our next stop is going to be at a winery in Iowa called Eagle’s Landing.

Below is an image of the wine trail. My Girl on the Go adventure this week is to travel to Eagle’s Landing. We are hoping to make it there before the end of August.

Great River Road Wine Trail Map

Eagles Landing Winery

Today’s Haiku:

meandering road
tires thumping on cracked concrete—
road crew up ahead


Any roadtrips planned for the summer?

Are you looking for Bucket list items? Check out some of mine here. Or, feel free to suggest a fun activity for my list! I love adventure!


My Heart is Calm

Happy Monday!

Hubby and I spent our sixth anniversary at two wineries on Saturday. Our goal is to visit 11 total before the end of the year. We started our tour at Danzinger Winery and Seven Hawks Winery with a couple of our friends.

Both wineries were in Wisconsin along the Mississippi River. Danzinger was by far our favorite. There was a lot of seating inside and out. We tasted four or five wines and then we purchased a bottle of wine to split. We also nibbled on some cheese, crackers and olives while we chatted about the nice weather and our up and coming move at the end of the month.

Seven Hawks Winery was very small. I actually enjoyed sipping the port style wines more than the wine at Seven Hawks. Below are a few images from our visit to Danzinger Winery.

Danzinger Winery July 4, 2015

DSCN6741 (800x547)

Danzinger Winery July 4, 2015


As always, I have included a haiku with a Haiku Horizons prompt.

Thanks Haiku Horizons for the haiku prompt, “calm.”

calm haiku

Today’s Haiku:

my heart is calm
my head is clear and awake
dreams are focused


What are your travel goals for the summer?


Girl on the Go: Wineries in Wisconsin Part 1

It’s wine season again, and I have lots of fun scheduleded for the next several months. Oh, who am I kidding, it’s always wine season, but it’s more fun to travel to the local vineyards when the weather is nice.

I love sitting outside under umbrellas sipping wine and looking out at the vineyards or the Mississipi River. This summer I am going to attempt to visit all 11 wineries on the Great River Road Wine Trail. This trail runs along the Mississippi River. There are six wineries in Wisconsin, four in Minnesota and one in Iowa.

There is actually a passport you can pick up from any of the wineries and have it stamped every time you visit a winery. After you visit all 11, you can sign up to win a case of wine that includes a bottle from each vineyard, plus an additional bottle from one of the wineries.

I wrote about the wine trail in the March/April edition of Rochester Women magazine. You can read it here: Join the Club.

Below is an image of the wine trail. I can’t wait to start the journey tomorrow! Yes, my Girl on the Go adventure this week is to travel to Danzinger Vineyard and Seven Hawks Vineyard.

Great River Road Wine Trail Map

Today’s Haiku:

lazy summer days
grapes plumping on the vines—
sipping sweet nectar


Do you enjoy summer wine sipping at vineyards?

Are you looking for Bucket list items? Check out some of mine here. Or, feel free to suggest a fun activity for my list! I love adventure!


Brunch at Four Daughters Winery

My deadline for the next RW wine column is this Friday. My friend Kathy and I went to Maiden Rock Winery & Cidery and Villa Bellezza last weekend to taste Sparkling Cider and Sparkling Wine—the featured wine for the January/February edition. This is the best research project I have ever been given. Seriously.

Maiden Rock Winery and Cidery

A cozy and casual location for tasting sparkling cider.


VIlla Bellezza Winery

An elegant villa found in Wisconsin.

This past weekend I took my husband to Four Daughters to research their Sparkling Cider and Sparkling Moscato. We decided to eat while we were there.

Brunch at 4 Daughters Winery

Brunch was wonderful! Yes, brunch. I was drinking/researching before noon. This hasn’t happened in years—the drinking before noon part. Many years. There were so many interesting items on the menu. The waitress said they change the menu everyday! How fun for a chef! Lots of creativity.

We ordered deviled eggs as an appetizer. They were delicious. There was a hint of horseradish in the filling! How clever to use a bit of the filling to anchor the eggs to the plate. The eggs were garnished with pickles.

DSCN5093 (800x600)

My entrée was tasty! I ordered a salmon and feta frittata! It came with potatoes and wheat toast.

DSCN5094 (800x600)

My hubby had a rib entrée with poached eggs on top. His also came with wheat toast and potatoes.

DSCN5096 (800x600)

It was one of the best meal that I have eaten in quite some time. I spoke with the owner afterward and obtained a few quotes for the article and then we were on our way back home to cuddle with our two kitty cats!

There will be more details on the Sparkling Wines and Ciders in the next edition of Rochester Women.

Sparkling Libations Haiku

Raise your glass;
sip bubbles at the party.

Has anyone tried Sparkling Hard Cider?