How Cancer Cured My Broken Soul

On Monday, July 3, 2017, the day before my eighth wedding anniversary, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I walked into the appointment alone believing I could handle anything the doctor had to say. I was wrong. The diagnosis left me speechless and inconsolable. I cried walking out of the hospital doors, I cried sitting in the car calling my mother and my husband. I cried the entire car ride to my house, and then sobbed as I fell into my husband’s arms at home.

Nothing can prepare a person for a cancer diagnosis. Through it, I found my inner strength, strength I didn’t know I possessed. I also found that I am loved more than I could have ever imagined, and that humor is my saving grace.

Writing this book started off as catharsis, but soon blossomed into a means of helping others. My cancer journey taught me more about myself and more about life than anything else I’ve experienced. Whether you are on this path yourself or you have a friend or family member diagnosed with breast cancer, this book is about overcoming adversity and finding a little humor in seemingly insurmountable challenges. It’s about learning to love yourself, celebrating your flaws, and about learning to smile. Always.