In Print!

I have kept a journal for the majority of my life, but I didn’t start writing until I traveled to Asia to teach English in Korea, that was back in 2005. I wrote a few travel essays and tucked them away, hoping to some day be published.

I later went back to school to obtain a Master’s Degree in Teaching and learned a lot about the mechanics of writing and soon became obsessed with being published.

It wasn’t until 2011 when I caught my first break. The editor for Rochester Women Magazine asked if I would write an article for the Remodeler’s Corner column. I had met Ellie Miller Starks at an MMPA happy hour event. I had to send her a few pieces of my work — the travel articles I wrote while I was in Korea. She loved them.

I didn’t get assigned another article until 2013. It was for the magazine Experience Rochester — same editor. I later picked up a few more articles from the Wagazine and Rochester Women Magazine.

I currently write for the local newspaper and several magazines in the Rochester, Minnesota area. I am also very thankful to have a full time job that pays me to write as well. I work for ColorWare. I write all the web content, press releases and the blog Now in Color.

My work is featured in:

My first break:


Any other writers out there? What do you like to write about?


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