Journaling Resources

Resources for Journaling

This article includes many ways to keep you writing day after day. Why? Journal writing is beneficial for everyone because writing is a form of communication. The physical act of writing or journaling makes learning easier while improving memory, for instance. You can refer to this blog post I wrote for the benefits of journaling here and check out the links in this article to learn from other journaling afficionados. 

“When we write, a unique neural circuit is automatically activated,” said Stanislas Dehaene, a psychologist at the Collège de France in Paris. This is one of many reasons why journaling is a beneficial practice, so it’s a recommended you journal daily.

Because neural circuits are activated, it helps improve memory. By journaling daily, it’s like anything else, you become a better. More importantly, a better communicator.

This page offers a variety of resources to keep you writing. There are tools to jump start the habit and keep you writing day after day.

Journal Prompts

Prompts are a great way to jumpstart your writing. It’s a great way to inspire thoughts, therefore many writers use writing prompts as a jumping off point. If you are suffering from writer’s block, prompts are also a great tool to help trigger thoughts and/or memories.

Journal Writing Sprints

When you have limited time, try a writing sprint. Set a timer and start writing. For example, if you work well under pressure setting a timer for 15 minutes may help you shut off extraneous noise in your mind and get the words flowing.

Journaling One Sentence Per Day

Are you looking for a challenge? Try to sum up your day in one sentence! Think in terms of a news headline. You want to write something so powerful it causes someone to stop in their tracks to read what you have to say.

Bullet Journal: Make a list

Making a list is similar to Bullet Journaling. This is a great way to stay organized and meet your goals. If you need to prioritize your life, the BuJo is your saviour. Make a list and check each item off for pure satisfaction.

Journaling the Problem vs. Solution

If you need help with a challenge, write it out and then devise a plan to solve your problem.

Journaling an Inspirational Quote

I love this one. Find a quote that inspires you. Write it down in your journal and then write reflect on its meaning. Some days, I rewrite the quote multiple times until I fully grasp it’s impact.

Journaling Your Milestones

Write a celebratory journal entry about a significant milestone in your life.

Mind Mapping

The journaling techniques help you discover mini goals to

Journaling Methods & Techniques