Wine & Canvas

Gladiolus Days is a week long event in southeastern Minnesota. To help celebrate this event, I worked with the owner of a local Yoga Studio to bring a fun and creative event to this celebratory week.

I am sure many of you have heard of the Wine & Canvas events that have been popping up everywhere. We decided to take the plunge as well.

On Friday evening, Denise hosted the Wine & Canvas event at her Yoga Studio, and I led the painting class. In honor of Gladiolus Days, we painted Gladiolus flowers, which are similar to Lilies.

Life is a blank canvas waiting for color.

Blank canvases waiting for the creativity to begin.

We chose to have a smaller group and let the ladies have more creative freedom. Many of these events suggested painting exactly what the instructor paints, however, we let the class choose their background color and their flower colors.

The results were amazing. Each person’s painting was unique. Some people chose blue and aqua blue backgrounds, and one participant choose brown. Flower colors ranged from orange and yellow to pink and purple.

We started by laying in the background. I suggested making a criss-cross motion with the brush using two separate colors. This gave the background more dimension and movement. We chose the main background color and one other as an accent color. We blended the two colors with that criss-cross motion.

Painting the background on the canvas first.

Demonstration on how to lay the background on the canvas.

Painting the background is the first step.

Students laying in the background for their painting.

Then, we took a short break and the ladies sipped wine and ate cheese and crackers while the background dried. The next step involved drawing the outline of the flowers and then filling in the flowers with paint.

Painting Gladiolus at Wine & Canvas

A demonstration on how to paint Gladiolus flowers.


Gladiolus painting

A unique look inside the mind of an artist.

Yellow Gladiolus painting

Another unique view of what’s inside of a creative mind.

Orange Gladiolus flowers

The third part of the process was to paint the flowers.

Beautiful orange Gladiolus painting.

Another woman expresses her creativity.

It took us about two and half hours to complete the work and the results were amazing. All the paintings were so different.


Unique Gladiolus paintings

Unique Gladiolus paintings by a wonderful group of ladies!

I attribute the success of this event to Denise for hosting it and all the ladies who participated.

“Life is a blank canvas waiting for color to be added.”

~Nicole Czarnomski