Girl on the Go: Take Me to Oregon

Take me to Oregon! Viewing waterfalls, long bike rides, drinking craft beer and hiking in Oregon is now a permanent fixture on my Girl on the Go list. This is another addition that might take awhile to achieve.

oregon haiku

Today’s Haiku:

lush green landscapes
engulf cascading water—
drowning fallen rock


Do you have any hotspots in Oregon that I should seek out?

Are you looking for Bucket list items? Check out some of mine here. Or, feel free to suggest a fun activity for my list! I love adventure!


Take Me There: Oregon

I love to travel, and I hope to be able to spend more time on the road at some point. I took the image I included in today’s post, but it’s not an original idea. I have seen images on Pinterest similar to the one I am posting. However, I selected the state of Oregon as my next destination, which you’ll see below.

I am starting a much needed bucket list. I have determined that there are so many places I want to see, but I don’t have a plan. So, here’s to starting a plan.

I want to visit the state of Oregon because I love the outdoors. It’s also one of the last seven states I need to visit. (Yes, I have been to 43 states.)

Take Me There: Oregon


Oregon Haiku

Pacific northwest—
Miles and miles of hiking trails.
Lace up your boots.

Have a fantastic week!