Blacklight Bubble Party 5K!

Ahhh, the weekend!

After my stressful week at work and a melt down on Friday because I am trying doing to many things…I had a great time with my friends at the Blacklight Bubble Party 5K. We all bundled up and walked the entire way. I loved having time talk and just “be” for a little while. No deadlines, no projects, no work, nothing but fun!

I was a little disappointed that there weren’t hot chocolate stations to go along with all the bubbles, but that’s ok. The music was fun, and the bubbles were even better. I felt like a kid going along and trying to pop the bubbles floating through the air.

Bubbles, bubbles and more bubbles at the starting line!

Blacklight Bubble Party 5K starting line

My friends Kristen, Sarah, Jyll and Katie all waiting for the race to start!

My friends and I at Blacklight Bubble Party 5K

Glow sticks in my shoes before the race!!

Glow sticks in my shoes at Blacklight Bubble Party 5K

Along the way, there were bubble stations set up with music blaring for people to stop and dance!

Blowing bubbles at Blacklight Bubble Party 5K

The finish line was at Legends Bar in Rochester Blacklight Bubble Party 5K

And, the finish line!

My friends and I at the Blacklight Bubble Party

Girls, thanks again for the fun evening!

Have you ever walked or ran a themed 5K?




Creative Minds

Happy Friday! I would say finally, but the week went by fast and we have a three day weekend coming up. Woo Hoo! I see lots of writing and reading time in my future! Maybe a few pictures too.

A couple of weeks ago, I received my assignment from the editor of Experience Rochester. This is my third year with this publication and I always love the assignments. In the past, I have written about SEMVA art gallery and the Farmers Market.

This year is different, I am not writing an article per se, but I am collecting fun facts about two creative people from Rochester to compile into a summary. Wednesday, I had the pleasure of interviewing a young woman who had a small part in the movie The Wolf of Wallstreet that starred Leonardo DiCaprio. I spoke to Emily Tremaine and collected information about some of the roles she has played in, where she went to school and various other fun facts for the ‘Creative Minds’ summary in Experience Rochester.

Then, yesterday, I interviewed someone who works at the Mayo Clinic as a glass blower. He makes scientific glassware that is used for testing human tissues and many other things. Not only does he create scientific glassware, but he also creates blown glass Christmas ornaments and small decorative bottles. The only problem…I forgot my camera yesterday. Well, actually, I didn’t feel comfortable taking my camera. I wasn’t hired to take the pictures (which usually doesn’t stop me), I was hired to interview and compile information. I am kicking myself now. I was able to watch him in action. He did a couple of demonstrations for me and I left the interview with an original piece of blown glass. The whole experience was amazing!! I’ll post this piece in January when the magazine is released.

What’s scheduled for September?


I have an article coming out in Rochester Women called Pairing Women with Wine.

I have another piece coming out in The Wagazine, it’s called Happy Hounds.

Flash Fiction

I plan to post a flash fiction writing prompt once a week along with a 750ish word flash fiction piece. The first piece I will post is based on Tuesday’s writing prompt.

Haiku Challenge

I am also going to take the “Haiku challenge.” I have seen a few websites that have daily Haiku challenges and even contests. I am doing one that is slightly different, I will be taking several pictures throughout the month of September. Then, each day, I will create a Haiku to go along with an image and post it.

Wine and Canvas

In the month of August, I taught my my first wine and canvas event. It was very successful! We had ladies asking when the next event would be taking place. So, Denise and I scheduled the next Wine & Canvas event for September 19th! Stay tuned, I’ll give a few sneak peeks as I prepare for the next event.

Dessert Wine with the Girls

On the 13th, I’m meeting with several Rochester Women writers, editors, photographers and other staff members for another wine tasting event. This month it’s dessert wine. I am very excited for this event because I love sweet wines and ports.


I have four or five more pieces to edit and post. I am sharing these particular essays because I submitted these to an editor to land my first writing gig.

September Reading Material

The only book I have on the list right now is Gillian Flynn’s Sharp Objects. I am sure this list will grow to at least one more.

How is your September shaping up?