King of the Road

Last night was the first time in a month that I have had the time and energy to crank out a 60 minute run. There was a drastic difference between my run last Thursday and last night. I doubt that I was much faster than normal, but every step felt so good. I was only going to run for about 40 minutes, but at the 20 minute mark I was feeling so good I thought maybe I should go for 50 minutes. And, by the time 30 minutes hit, I questioned whether I could go for the gold. I continued through the run and managed to crank out 61:15.

When I arrived home, I watered the outside plants and stretched as I watered. I was so grateful for the energy that I had. I was also grateful that I didn’t have anything urgent I needed to do. Yes, I still have two lessons to finish for my online WordPress class. And yes, I still have my training article to finish for the Wagazine, but it isn’t due until Friday. Plus, I am waiting to hear back from the editor to see if my angle is going to work for this edition. I say this because the editor originally wanted the article to be more about pets in general rather than dogs. However, the contacts she provided were all canine people, so the article morphed into a Fido oriented article.

So, once I finished with my stretching, it was almost time to eat and relax. Adlai already had a pizza in the oven, so, we cleaned up for dinner, I made a salad and we sat and watched an episode of Scandal.

It was a great day and I am thankful that I have had some time to catch my breath. It isn’t much, but I’ll take. My schedule is about to get crazy again.

Stay Strong in all that you do!