A Little of This and a Little of That

I love a challenge. Today I took a writing prompt from Writer’s Digest and experimented with some of the things I have been reading about in the Portable MFA…strong words at the end of a line that catch the reader’s eye…rhyming or rapping poems similar to June Jordan.

The writer’s prompt was to write about a hero or heroine. I decided not to write this about a specific person, instead I picked a character trait that reminded me of a heroine.


Courage Haiku

her strength prevails
more so than the song
of the nightingales

What are some elements that you use when writing a poem?

Just curious, do you like knowing my thought process about each poem? Or, do you prefer to read the poem and enjoy the mystery?


Flash Fiction Writing Prompt: Thrill Ride

The last writing prompt I posted was a couple of weeks ago. I intended to post the piece once I finished it, but I found a contest and decided that I would wait to post my story until I received a critique from the judges.

I found a website called Women on Writing. They host Flash Fiction contests every quarter and offer a critique on the subject, the content and the technical aspects of the piecefor an additional fee. In order to qualify, it needed to be between 250-750 words. I spent the last couple of weeks writing, reading, editing, rewriting, reading, editing, rewriting…you know the drill. I finally submitted the piece on Sunday night.

The due date isn’t until the 30th of August. After the deadline, it takes two months for the critique to be completed. I plan to post the piece once I receive the comments.

In the meantime, to keep the creativity flowing, I wrote another flash fiction piece today utilizing my smartphone app. Once again, today’s Flash Fiction piece is about getting the words on the paper. Now, it needs to be finessed and I plan to post the essay next Tuesday.

Tuesday’s Writing Prompt:

  • Character: A farmer
  • Setting: Roller Coaster/Thrill Ride
  • Plot: A character has the worst day possible

I set the timer for 15 minutes.

Happy Writing!